The worst Cuisine (((

London emerged as the best European city for both free attractions and public parks. It may also be home to some of the world’s finest chefs, but London’s cuisine has been voted the worst in Europe and the most expensive one, claimed the PRNewswire. Thus of course would change the people mind about the city, may even reduce the number of tourist. By the way critics decide where the best cuisine, I hope Kazakhstan would ever try to be so even for us.


Global Crisis!!

Due to the world’s economic crisis the number of guests in different cafes has rapidly reduced. However the interesting fact is that the prices on menu changed in a good side. Every restaurant now gives special anti crisis discounts on their clients on order to attract more and save them. As the situation of global crisis becomes worth and worth, I hope that the quality of foods would never deteriorated!











Overeating generally refers to the long-term consumption of excess food in relation to the energy that an organism expends (or expels via excretion), leading to weight gain and often obesity.

This term may also be used to refer to specific episodes of over-consumption. For example, many people overeat during festivities or while on holiday.

Overeating can sometimes be a symptom of binge eating disorder or bulimia.

Kimep’s Event

Hey everyone! Here is the photos made by Daniya and me at the Kimep’s International Eventimg_0408


How did you feel when you eat others country food?

 When I was young I had eat sushi. Sushi is Japanese food but I could eat well. It is some different taste and delicious. And after a few years I went to Canada. However I couldn’t eat and find to traditional Canada food. What is traditional Canada food? I want ask to frederick. J But I might eat or might not. I don’t know. Anyway I remember to just ate instant food something like MacDonald, ABC burger and pizza. I was young then so I seem to ate delicious. However I like some spicy food because I’m Korean.


  And I’m here in Kazakhstan. I expected some Russian or Kazakhstan food. It is not bad but I thought some greasy and salted. So I couldn’t eat these foods, not now. Do you know Shashlik? I think the most taste food is it. It had a little bad smell but I interested in this taste. And Plov is good if it has a little greasy. The Korea also has similar food. But Korean stir-fried rice is spicy. So I usually cook a Korean food in dormitory.


 Do you want Korean food? That time find me.

model’s diet

angelina_jolie_st_john_003A model’s career tends to be relatively short but very stressful – always in the spotlight, always having to look good, and always ready to jump on the next flight to a photoshoot on the other side of the world.

Models, musicians, actors and singers all fall into the same category when it comes to weight loss.

How do you lose those extra pounds when you’re preparing to go on tour, need to be on the red carpet, or are flying to meet a photographer in some exotic location?:)))it is really intresting..—–>

Angelina Jolie


A strict protein-rich diet of lean meats and fish, plus lots and lots of water. Eating more high quality protein is one celebrity weight loss tip that we should all take note of.

Angelina has also dined on cockroaches, crickets and bee larvae for various TV shows and movies – all excellent sources of protein. Don’t worry though, we don’t all need to go that far to stay slim!

Nauryz ends

nauryz kozheToday is 22nd of April it regarded that it is the last day of Nauryz which is lasted one month exactly, even within that period of time I did not and couldn’t taste Nauryz Kozhe, I think I already forgot how it tastes :), Leave a comment who tasted it in this year if someone experienced that happiness, I’m in really doubt that someone tasted it recently